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1) Who betrayed Jesus ? a) Zacchaeus b) Judas c) Peter d) John e) Edward f) Frances 2) Who denied that he was with Jesus ? a) Judas b) John c) Abrham d) Peter e) God f) Jericho 3) Who was the tax collector when Jesus came to Jericho ? a) John b) Abrham c) Tom d) Joe e) Judas f) Zacchaeus 4) Who built the arc to save the Animals ? a) Noah b) Leo c) Tom d) Jack e) Hugh f) Lucas 5) Who was first to see Jesus after he Had Died ? a) God b) Peter c) Mary.M d) John e) Juda f) Joe 6) How did Jesus die ? a) Disease b) Old age c) Died in war d) Falling of a cliff e) Crucifixion f) Plane crash 7) Why did Jesus get crucified ? a) Because he was stupid b) Because he killed people c) Because He said he was the son of God d) Because he stole stuff e) Because he swore at the emperor f) Because he was dumb 8) Where did the story of Jesus calming the storm take place ? a) Hell b) A sea c) Heaven d) A lake e) A river f) A ocean 9) Where did Jesus get born ? a) Bethlehem b) Heaven c) Hell d) Nazareth e) Jericho f) In the sea 10) Where did Jesus heal the paralyzed man ? a) In a House b) In a barn c) In a field d) On a mountain e) On the sea f) In a temple

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