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The crowd of Trojans parted to reveal the figure of Laocoon, a Trojan priest, who glared at Sinon and then addressed the crowd:, 'He's a Greek! We cannot trust him! If Odysseus is behind this it must be a trick!', with these words Laocoon threw his spear at the side of the giant horse. There was a hollow boom, and a gasp from the crowd., Laocoon turned to King Priam: 'I fear the Greeks, sire - even bearing gifts.' Sinon turned pale and prayed silently to the gods., Suddenly, the waves foamed up the beach and from the sea a huge serpent appeared, wrapping its coils around the priest and his sons., 'You see!' Shouted Sinon excitedly as the Trojans screamed and Laocoon struggled. 'The gods are punishing him for his insult to them! This proves my story is true!', The Trojans needed no further proof. Rejoicing, they garlanded the horse with flowers and dragged it towards the city., When they reached the gates they found that the horse was indeed too big to fit through the gates..., they pulled down a portion of their huge walls to fit it through. By nightfall the huge wooden horse stood in the centre of Troy., Unbeknown to the celebrating Trojans, inside the horse crouched 50 Greek heroes, led by Odysseus., In the early hours of the morning, when the Trojans were at last asleep, a trap door opened in the horse's stomach and the Greeks slipped into the city., The Greeks from inside the horse easily pulled aside the temporary covering of the hole in the wall and opened the gates., The rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of darkness, swarmed into the city, and before the Trojans knew what was happening..., ...Troy, at last, had fallen..

The Wooden Horse - Part 2


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