1) You can see soft tissue wildlife from the Precambrian era. a) b) 2) These are the Chief rock types of the Precambrian era. a) Gneiss b) Schist 3) The periods from the Palaeozoic era in order. a) 1. Cambrian b) 2. Ordovician c) 3. Silurian d) 4. Devonian e) 5. Carboniferous f) 6. Permian 4) Cambrian - The first invertebrates, chief rock types a) b) c) Grits d) Slate 5) Ordovician - The first primitive fishes a) b) 6) Silurian - First land plants and animals a) Fossils b) Moss 7) Devonian - Age of fishes, chief rock types a) Rise of amphibians b) Sandstone c) Well developed landplands d) Well developed landplands e) 8) Carboniferous - First insects, primitive raptiles a) b) Edaphosaurus c) Limestone d) Coal 9) Permian - Development of raptiles a) Conifers b) More revolved raptiles 10) The periods of the Mesozoic era. a) Triassic b) Jurassic c) Createcous 11) Triassic a) Mandasuchus tanyauchen b) 12) Jurassic - first flowering plants a) First mammals b) First birds c) Dry clay soil d) Jurassic reptile 13) Cretaceous - primitive mammals and birds a) b) c) d) Chalk 14) The periods of the Cainozoic era. a) Tertiary b) Quaternary 15) Tertiary - higher mammals, extensive forests of flowering plants a) b) c) d) e) Gravel 16) Quaternary - rise of man, modern plants a) b) c) d)




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