1) Ben __________ a T-shirt and shorts. a) wear b) wears c) is wearing 2) They ___________ breakfast right now. (NOT) a) isn't eating b) aren't eating c) are eating 3) Simon and Kelly ____________ on the school bus. a) are sitting b) is sitting c) am sitting 4) We __________ football. (NOT) a) weren't playing  b) aren't playing c) don't playing 5) She ________ an interesting book. a) is reading b) reads c) are read 6) Mona and Kelly __________ the same blouse. a) buying b) are buying c) is buying 7) _______ you ________ to me? a) Is, listen b) Are, listen c) Are, listening 8) ______ Kelly ________ now? a) Are, revising b) Is, revise c) Are, revising 9) Where _____ they _______ their lunch? a) are, having b) are, have c) is, having




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