1) Israel is ...... years old a) 74 b) 45 c) 76 d) 52 2) Which food is considered typical Israeli food? a) chicken soup b) steak c) falafel d) salad with feta cheese 3) Israel's capital is a) Jerusalem b) Tel Aviv c) Eilat d) Tiberias 4) Israeli's currency (money) is a) Shekel b) dollars c) pesos costa rica d) euros 5) Which continent is Israel in? a) Africa b) Europe c) South America d) Asia 6) Which country is east of Israel a) Egypt b) Jordan c) Lebanon d) Syria 7) Which sea is west of Israel a) The Black Sea b) The Mediterranean Sea c) The Sea of Cyprus d) The Sea of Galilee 8) When was Israel established? a) in 1940 b) in 1965 c) in 1948 d) in 1953 9) Who was the first prime minister of Israel? a) Theodore Hertzel b) Itzhak Rabin c) Menachem Begin d) David Ben-Gurion 10) What is the first middle eastern country to make peace with Israel? a) Egypt b) Jordan c) Lebanon d) Dubai 11) What do people like to do to celebrate Independence Day in Israel? a) Watch the fireworks b) Have a barbecue c) Decorate with Israeli flags d)  All of the answers are correct.




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