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1) He made a ________ selling gold. a) infatuate b) fortune c) gruesome d) mutual 2) That was a huge, hairy __________. a) tissue b) actual c) tarantula d) fluctuate 3) The _______ Of Liberty stands in New York City Harbor. a) barbecue b) perpetual c) continue d) Statue 4) Please scrape the bowl with the _______ a) spatula b) congratulate c) virtue d) Portugal 5) The boat was ________ from the stormy waves a) residue b) avenue c) rescued d) grueling 6) We like to be _______ when we have to be some place. a) punctual b) situate c) construe d) fondue 7) When something is a habit it becomes _______. a) subdue b) statue c) situate d) habitual 8) The police _______ the robbers for ten miles. a) pursued b) tissue c) barbecue d) mutual 9) The dead animal was a ________ sight. a) actual b) gruesome c) infatuate d) mutual 10) I needed to blow my nose in a _______. a) issue b) cruel c) glue d) tissue




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