1) The word "Chef" (line 6) means... a) A person in charge of an hotel. b) Person who cooks. c) A person who waits on people. 2) In the text "fry" (line 3) means... a) To cook in a pan over heat with use of fat. b) To cut something into pieces. c) To slice something 3) The word "twice" (line 3) means... a) one time b) two times c) three times 4) In the text "pooch" (line 4) means... a) To cook in salty liquid b) To cook in a boiling liquid. c) To fry 5) What does the word "crisp" means... a) Soft b) Crunchy c) Flexible 6) What does "a pain in the neck" means? a) To have a problem in the neck. b) To please someone. c) To be annoying

READING COMPREHENSION FOOD 1: Elige la alternativa correcta de acuerdo al texto leído.





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