1) Give 6 names for summer clothes 2) Give 6 names of countries you would like to visit 3) Give 8 names for summer fruit 4) Give 8 names for vegetables you often eat in summer 5) Give 3 names of your favourite summer songs 6) Give 8 names of places we can go during summer 7) Give 8 names for wild animals 8) Give 8 names for things we need on the beach 9) Give 8 verbs of activities we can do during summer 10) Give 6 names of the best summer drinks 11) Give 8 names for things we need in the mountains 12) Give 8 names for things we need on a camping 13) How can the weather be during summer? 14) What are your favourite ice-cream flavours? 15) What's your favourite vacation spot? Why? 16) What ice-cream flavours don't you like? 17) What do you like doing during summer? 18) What do you prefer: sea or mountains? Why? 19) Are you afraid of travelling by plane? 20) Describe your last holiday. Where were you? What did you do? 21) What will you do this summer? Do you have any plans? 22) Do you like trying local cuisine if you are on holiday? 23) Do you sometimes speak English during summer? 24) Do you like summer? 25) What annoys you about summer?


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