A: What do you want to do when you leave school?B: I____ be a dancer. A: I think the house is on fire!B: I ____ phone the fire brigade. A: I'll get the sugar from the cupboard.B: Watch out! You____ hit your head on that door. A: ____ have another cake?B: No, thank you, I've already had two. A: Do you want to go to the park this afternoon?B: I can't - I____ visit my grandparents. A: This box is really heavy!B: I ____ carry it for you. A: Have you bought a birthday present for Sally?B: Yes, I____ give her a box of chocolates. A: I've lost my pen.B: I ____ give you one of mine. A: Do you want to borrow my car?B: Thanks, I ____ bring it back tonight. A: Have you decided what to study at university?B: Yes, I____ study biology.




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