1) On what lake was Tenochtitlan built on? a) Lake Texacoco b) Lake Tenoch c) Templo Mayor d) Templo market e) Market 2) Name the city the aztects built a) Tenoch b) Templo mayor c) Templo market d) Tenochtitlan e) Market f) Huitzilopochli 3) What was the plant the Eagle was sitting on? a) Fern b) Cactus c) coffe plant d) arrowwood 4) Why did the Aztects leave aztlan? a) To worship Their gods b) To escape starvation c) To find riches d) To escape slavery 5) A tribe that wonders from place to place a) Yes-mads b) mabye-mads c) no-mads d) Raiders

Who were the Aztects?





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