Your cousin was in hospital last week and you didn't go to visit her., Ann walked home all by herself after your party last night., Bill couldn't go to the concert last week, because he couldn't afford a ticket., Your brother went to work by public transport last week, because his car was in the service., Mary got into a lot of trouble, because she hadn't finished testing the app by the deadline., Ray and Meg didn't go out to celebrate their anniversary as they couldn't find a baby-sitter for their four kids., Kathy couldn't download Zoom, so she didn't join the class today., Kim didn't take any good pictures on her last holiday, because she didn't have a good camera on her phone., Because she didn't have anything nice to wear, Cinderella couldn't go to the ball last Friday., Your mother was very upset. She didn't hear a word from you during your holiday., Betty couldn't go away for the weekend, because she didn't have the heart to leave her three cats alone., You borrowed a book from your friend. Your friend needed it so much yesterday that she had to buy an e-copy., Joe said he went to visit you last Sunday, but you weren't at home., Jean was so depressed. She had no company for the weekend., Douglas went out for lunch without an umbrella. Now he is in bed with pneumonia., Amy was very upset. None of her friends remembered her birthday., Greg didn't go home for Easter, because he didn't want to break his self-isolation., Gordon has been wearing the same T-shirt all week. His washing machine is not working., Keith invited 10 friends for dinner last night, but he'd never cooked for so many people. He was desperate!.

[BE B1+/B2] [Unit 14] [Grammar] [Third conditional] [TB]




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