Higher - The plane is high in the sky, but it needs to go go even ______., Attire - Cinderella was not in the proper ______ for the ball until the Fairy God Mother came., Require - The school project may ______ you to work with a partner., Wire - Some fences are made out of ________. , Hire - My boss wants to ______ another employee., Prior - Riley had never seen a penguin ______ to her trip to the zoo., Choir - When I was in school, I sang in the _____. , Fryer - McDonald's uses a ______ to make their french fries., Retire - After 30 years of working, my father is ready to _______. , Liar - Ron never tells the truth, he is a ______. , Dryer - Every morning I need to use my hair ______., Conspire - All my classmates want to ______ against my teacher and play a prank on her., Desire - I ______ to go on a trip to Spain next year., Iron - My brother needs to ______ his suit before his wedding., Minor - Spilling coffee on my t-shirt was a very ______ inconvenience so I did not let it ruin my day. ,




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