1) London is ___ expensive than New York. a) more b) very c) too d) quite 2) Alex loves giving presents. He's very ___. a) selfish b) shy c) lazy d) generous 3) What's ___? You look upset. a) bad b) wrong c) happen d) matter 4) What ___ the food like at the party last night? a) did b) had c) was d) were 5) If you want to get fit, you ___ do more sport. a) will b) would c) should d) have 6) Jeff and Nancy ___ to watch a film tonight. a) are going b) is going c) going 7) Have you ever ___ to Australia? a) been b) go c) be d) went 8) John ___ his wife in 2009. a) has met b) met c) did he meet d) was met 9) Jane is the ___ girl in her class. a) richer b) more popular c) worse d) happiest 10) It was nice to meet you. See you ___, I hope. a) later b) more c) always d) longer 11) I'm ___ sorry, but I can't come to your party tonight. a) much b) awful c) really d) such 12) I enjoy ___ because I like laughing. a) love stories b) comedies c) action films d) science fiction films 13) I'm sure ___ a great time at the party next Saturday. a) we'll have b) we're having c) we have d) we go to have 14) Are you going shopping? ___ with you if you like. a) I'll come b) I come c) I'm coming d) I can be coming 15) ___ anything next Friday? a) Do you b) Do you do c) Did you d) Are you doing 16) Excuse me, I ___ if you could show me the way to the train station? a) would like b) wonder c) may ask d) hope 17) How much time do you ___ doing your English homework? a) work b) give c) make d) spend 18) In England people usually ___ hands when they first meet. a) give b) shake c) take d) put 19) Hurry up or we'll ___ our train! a) lose b) fail c) catch d) miss 20) I was so ___ yesterday because I fell asleep in class! a) calm b) nervous c) happy d) embarrassed 21) Many types of watches ___ in Switzerland. a) are made b) made c) are making d) is made 22) Susan: I've got four sisters. Ruth: ___ you? a) Do b) Got c) Are d) Have 23) What would you do if you ___ a million pounds? a) win b) would win c) won d) winning 24) I'm trying to ___ money to buy a new car. a) save b) waste c) spend d) lend 25) You're from Liverpool, ___? a) aren't you b) isn't it c) don't you d) you are 26) You ___ study hard if you want to pass your exams. a) must b) should c) have d) supposed 27) I'm usually too ___ after work to go out. a) furious b) exhausted c) fascinated d) angry 28) My parents ___ married since 1975. a) have been b) are c) were d) got 29) If you go to London, the Tate Modern is really worth ___. a) to see b) seeing c) to be seen d) see 30) I ___ home yesterday when it started raining. a) walk b) was walking c) have walked d) have been walking 31) People say English people tend ___ rather reserved. a) being b) be c) to be 32) Could you ___ me a favour please? a) do b) make c) give d) help 33) Take your umbrella ___ it rains. a) unless b) because c) as d) in case 34) Many new houses ___ in the town where I live. a) build b) have been building c) are being built d) are building 35) ___ to post that card to Pete - it's his birthday tomorrow. a) If I were you, I'd b) You should c) Don't forget d) You'd better 36) I don't know many people ___ still smoke nowadays. a) they b) what c) which d) who 37) Mary went to the party ___ of her headache. a) although b) in spite c) even though d) despite 38) I think I've got a cold. I can't stop ___. a) to sneeze b) sneezing c) sneeze d) the sneezing 39) If you don't know the meaning of a word, you can ___ in a dictionary. a) get it out b) point it out c) look it up d) come up with it 40) ___ I opened the window? a) May b) Would you mind if c) Could d) Do you mind 41) My doctor ___ me I should eat less meat. a) told b) spoke to c) said d) told to 42) William ___ me to go to the theatre with him next week. a) offered b) invited c) promised d) suggested 43) Sorry, I didn't quite ___ what you said. a) catch b) listen c) take d) know 44) I wish I ___ get up early every morning! a) didn't have to b) mustn't c) hadn't d) wouldn't have to




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