1) In the past, importance ____ not given to shoes being comfortable or fashionable. a) was b) is c) has d) had 2) These early foot coverings were probably animal skins, which people tied round their ankles during cold ____. a) climate b) weather c) temperature d) condition 3) We still use leather today, but ____ materials such as silk, plastic, or cotton are also popular, depending on what is in fashion. a) either b) both c) another d) other 4) It was one hundred and fifty years ____ that people began to wear a different shoe on each foot. a) before b) after c) ago d) since 5) Formerly, the two shoes had been straight instead of shaped and ____ be worn on the left or the right foot. a) must b) could c) ought d) might 6) All shoes used to be made by hand, but now, although there are shoemakers still using their ____ skills, most shoes are machine-made in large factories. a) traditional b) typical c) usual d) model 7) The introduction of sewing machines ____ the shoe industry to produce large quantities of cheaper shoes for a wider range of buyers. a) let b) gave c) allowed d) got

PT4 - Multiple choice cloze - The History of Shoes




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