1) Where does Mr Lucas work? a) At the fire station. b) At the police station  c) At the hospital.  2) What clothes does a firefighter wear? a) A suit and a hand bag.  b) A surgical mask, a white hat and a first aid kit.  c) Jacket, trousers, gloves, boots and a helmet.  3) What does Mr Lucas do when the fire alarm rings? a) Mr Lucas wait for instructions. b) He quickly puts on this uniform and rushes to the fire.   c) He call the police. 4) What do firefighters use to put out a fire? a) They use water. b) They use an air machine.  c) They use gasoline. 5) Why Mr Lucas go to schools? a) To pick up the children. b) To raise money.  c) To teach the children about fire safety.

Listening Comprehension "The firefighter"




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