In what sense did England become more “cosmopolitan” during the reign of Henry VII?, Talk about Henry VIII (political and private life). What were the effects of the “Reformation”?, What did Edward VI make compulsory? Which was his contribution to the Protestant reformation?, What did Mary I’s Counter-Reformation bring about? Why is she known as “Bloody Mary”?, Why is Elizabeth’s reign regarded as the “Golden Age” of England?, Why is Elizabeth known as the “Virgin Queen”? Why did she never marry?, How would you define Elizabeth’s religious policy?, Talk about Elizabeth’s overseas explorations, What were the main reasons for the defeat of the Spanish Armada?, Why is Elizabeth regarded as one of the greatest of English rulers?, What was the chain of beings? What was outside the chain? How did it influence the Tudor's reigns., Where did the term “Humanism” come from? And what did Humanism encourage?, Which are the main features of the English Renaissance?, Talk about king James I. What dynasty did he start?, Who were the Puritans? Present their ideas, beliefs, their cultural and social background, Introduce the Pilgrim Fathers and their journey to the New World, Why did the Civil War break out? Which were the main forces involved?, Give a short talk of the first Thanksgiving Day, Tell about the Gunpowder Plot. Was it successful? What happened next?, Who was the successor of Elizabeth I? , Tell about Charles I, Tell about the causes and consequences of Civil War of 1642-1649. Who were the two parties involved? , Who was Oliver Cromwell?, Who was Anne Boleyn?, Who was Catherine of Aragon?, Tell about the Act of Supremacy, Tell about the Act of Uniformity, Tell about the Petition of Right, Which are the key events regarding the Church during the 1500s?, Tell about the King James Bible, Which important books helped standardise and disseminate 'Modern English'?.




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