1) Koko communicates in a) English b) Spanish c) American Sign Language d) German 2) When did Koko start learning to communicate with humans? a) 1972 b) 1982 c) 1992 d) 2011 3) What does Koko’s phrase “quiet time chase” mean? a) A race to get into bed at night b) A game of hide-and-seek c) A game of tag d) A game of Hangmen 4) How old were Koko and Michael when they first met? a) Koko was 5; Michael was 3 b) Koko was 3; Michael was 5 c) Koko and Michael were both 5 d) Koko was 10; Michael was 10 5) Who named Koko’s pet cat?  a) Penny b) Koko c) Michael 6) What is Koko’s favorite animal? a) Cat b) Dog c) Gorilla d) Chimpanzee 7) The name of Koko's pet cat a) Fido b) Smoke c) Gorilla d) Dog 8) Koko was ______ of her brother Michael? a) Jealous b) Envious c) Mean 9) Koto and Michael would call each other names like? a) Stupid gorilla; Silly gorilla. b) Stink bad squash gorilla; Stupid toilet. c) Smoke Smoke; Stupid cat. d) Michael stupid; Koko smart.

KoKo Grade 5 Reading Comprehension




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