1) Shrek________ thin. a) hasn't b) isn't 2) _______ your mum and dad tall? a) Is b) Are 3) Kelly_______ skateboarding. a) is b) are 4) _____ Tina playing chess? a) Is b) Are 5) Mike_______freckles. a) is b) has got 6) They_______got beards. a) have b) has 7) We are brothers. _______ names are Tom and Frank. a) Our b) We 8) Look at Paul! _______ eyes are green. a) Him b) His 9) Janet is very thin. Look at _______! a) her b) she 10) She has got __________hair. a) fair b) dark 11) He has got _________hair. a) curly b) straight 12) She is _________. a) old b) young 13) The cat is _________ a) fat b) thin 14) Has she got purple shoes? a) Yes, she has. b) No, she hasn't. 15) Can it fly? a) Yes, it can. b) No, it can't. 16) Can they cook? a) Yes, they can. b) No, they can't 17) He is _______. a) brave b) poor 18) He is _______. a) tall b) short 19) She is ________. a) beautiful b) ugly 20) I am ________. a) happy b) sad 21) I am_______. a) scared b) bored 22) He is ________. a) falling b) losing 23) She is ________. a) running b) winning 24) They are _________ TV. a) watching b) walking 25) They are ___________. a) having a sack race. b) playing hopscotch 26) They are playing________. a) hide-and-seek b) tag




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