1) To be healthy you need to avoid a) eat junk food. b) eating junk food. c) to eat junk food. 2) Which color did you decide a) to paint the kitchen? b) painting the kitchen? c) to painting the kitchen? 3) Next vacation, I would like a) go to a magic town in Mexico. b) to go to a magic town in Mexico. c) going to a magic town in Mexico. 4) When it´s time to do household chores, I don´t mind a) cleaning the bathroom. b) to clean the bathroom. c) clean the bathroom. 5) Cindy hates a) to get up early. b) getting up early. c) Both ( a -b) 6) Tonny can´t stand a) to drive long hours. b) driving long hours. c) Both (a-b) 7) Next weekend, I want a) go to a seafood restaurant. b) to go to a seafood restaurant. c) going to a seafood restaurant. 8) Whenever it rains ,I feel like a) to drink hot coffee. b) drinking hot coffee. c) Both (a-b) 9) Tom and I agreed  a) meeting in a restaurant at 3:00pm. b) to meet in a restaurant at 3:00pm. c) Both (a-b) 10) Gary, you should quit a) smoking. It´s too unhealthy! b) to smoke. It´s too unhealthy! c) both (a-b) 11) Last vacation , I loved a) trying typical local food. b) to try typical local food. c) Both(a-b) 12) It is easy________ a paper plane. a) making b) to make c) both a-b 13) My mom really enjoys________in her garden. a) working b) to work c) both a-b 14) I forgot____________milk at the supermarket. a) buying b) to buy c) both a-b 15) Susan doesn't mind_______for her children in the car. a) wait b) to wait c) waiting 16) We are interested in _______________a new house. a) buying b) to buy c) both a-b 17) My brother always puts off_____________ his homework. a) doing b) to do c) do 18) Keep on ________________. You will find the right key that opens the door. a) to try b) try c) trying 19) John is ready _______________ his classes at the university. a) to start b) starting c) both a-b 20) We were happy _______________to the end of our journey. a) coming b) to come c) come

Gerund (ing) or Infinitive (to) ?




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