1) When was the data protection act made? a) 2000 b) 2009 c) 1998 d) 1965 2) What is its main purpose? a) To proctect peoples personal information. b) To help police, doctors, taxmen ect. to get information. c) To help everyone find information. 3) How many prinicbles are there? a) 4 b) 6 c) 2 d) 8 4) What is the computer misuse act? a) It was made to help prevent computers from breaking. b) It was made to make computers easier to use. c) It was made to cope with problems from viruses and hackers. 5) What is an information commisiner? a) Person who has the power to enforce the Act. b) Person or Company that collects and keeps data about people. c) Person who has data about them stored outside their direct control. 6) What are data subjects? a) The people who have data stored about themselves. b) The people who hold the data c) The people who make, file the data. 7) Who are data users? a) Data users use data for their own advantage breaking the Law. b) Data users file, store the data e.g. Doctors and Bankers. c) Data users use the data in databases. 8) Are there any exceptions to the data protection act? a) No b) Police can use data to solve crimes. c) Secret agents have full access to all data. d) Domestic usage e.g. birthdays, address books 9) Finish the first prinicble of the data protection act : a) Secure b) Safe c) Secret d) Secure, Safe, Secret

Data Protection Act Quiz.




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