1) I've never been to Australia, but I'd (___). a) go to b) love to c) do  2) She didn't remember to take the rubbish out, and (___). a) nor he did b) neither did he c) he didn't too 3) If you are not willing to take the risk, I'm sure Sam (___). a) is b) is willing c) does 4) A: 'Did they finally find the keys? B: 'I (___), because they didn't call asking for help.' a) 'm sure of that b) know so c) guess so 5) A: 'Did she get hurt?'  B: ' (___) . I'll call her later to ask.' a) I hope not b) Not c) I'm sure not 6) I've brought cookies. Do you want (___) ? a) this b) ones c) one 7) We can win this game, but in order to (___), we need to believe in ourselves. a) do so b) so c) do such 8) A: 'Are you going to Warsaw for your holiday?' B: 'We (___), but we're still not sure.' a) do b) might c) will 9) You don't need to come if you don't (___).  a) think so b) do so c) want to 10) A: 'Please, be careful.' B: 'Don't worry, I (___).' a) think so b) 'll do c) will 11) You didn't call your mum, and you (___).  a) should have called b) had c) should have 12) 'He doesn't care about us.' 'I (___) because he never calls.' a) don't guess so b) guess not c) think not 13) I've never been to New Zealand but one day I (___). a) will b) have c) 'll do 14) A: 'Is he coming with us?' B: 'I (___). I don't really like him.' a) hope doesn't b) hope no c) hope not 15) I know I said I would go with you, but I won't (___). a) be able to do b) be able so c) be able to

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