1) A ______person is someone who cannot see. a) language b) blind c) wear d) subjects 2) People use different ________ to write and to speak to one another. a) languages b) blind c) wear d) subjects 3) They _______a uniform to go to school. a) transportation b) lessons c) wear d) blind 4) A group of people living together is a ___________. a) blind b) community c) wear d) culture 5) ________ is the traditions and beliefs of a group of people. a) Lessons b) Blind c) Subjects d) Culture 6) Science is one of the ________ taught at school. a) culture b) blind c) subjects d) wear 7) People use __________ to get from one place to another. a) transportation b) subjects c) blind d) culture 8) The teacher gives _________ to his students. a) community b) blind c) lessons d) transportation

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