1) It is described as a smooth related movement and the pattern and line carry the eyes along without jerky motion. a) Balance b) Rhythm c) Texture d) Harmony e) Color f) Sound 2) The three methods under heat sanitation a) Steam, detergents, hot air b) Detergents, hot, air, solvent cleaner c) Abrasive cleaner, heat, chemicals d) Hot water, hot air, steam e) Chemicals, acid cleaners, solvent cleaner f) Hot air only 3) Uncle Boy decides to make cupcakes for his son's birthday party, but as he mixes the ingredients, he notices lumps in the flour. What suggestions do you have for getting rid of the lumps in the flour? a) Uncle Boy should mix the flour with water b) Uncle Boy should stir the flour using fork c) Uncle Boy should will disregard the lumps and proceed to the baking process d) Uncle boy should buy another flour e) Uncle boy should mix the flour with milk f) Uncle Boy should use strainer to sift the flour 4) Thomas cooked sinigang for our lunch, what specific tool or utensils would thomas use to serve the sinigang he cooked for our lunch? a) Ladle b) Measuring spoons c) Measuring cups d) Turner/Flipper e) Spoons f) Fork 5) Red cutting board is used for? a) Cooked meat b) Dairies c) Bakeries d) Sefoods e) Raw meat f) Fruits 6) It is used to extract solid bits from a liquid or to drain liquid from solid food a) Colander b) Strainer c) Peeler d) Grater e) Basin f) Pyrex cup 7) Example of Kitchen cookware a) Wok b) Plates c) Colander d) Saucers e) Ladle f) Spoon and fork 8) Proper cleaning process that needs to follow a) Sanitizing-Washing-Rinsing b) Washing-Rinsing-Sanitizing c) Rinsing-Washing-Sanitizing d) Sanitizing-Washing-Sanitizing e) Washing-Rinsing-Wiping f) Washing and sanitizing only 9) It is described as formed by two crossing arms and may be used for outlining, as borders or to fill in an entire area. a) Chain stitch b) Backstitch c) Cross stitch d) Running stitch e) Lazy daisy f) French knot 10) Example of product made up of fabric scraps. a) Paper mache b) Decanter c) Pencil case d) Scrunchies e) Pencil holder f) Lamp 11) It is NOT a contrasting color a) Split complementary b) Triad c) Monochromatic harmony d) Double complementary e) Harmony f) Texture 12) It is the act of removing the dirt and food residue and any other materials from a surface a) Cleaning agents b) Cleaning c) Detergents d) Sanitizing e) Rinsing f) Solvent cleaner 13) Yellow chopping board is intended to used for? a) Bakery b) Cooked meat c) Fruits d) Vegetables e) Seafood f) Potatoes 14) The normal temperature for the adults a) 37.1 ℃ b) 38.6 ℃ c) 30.9 ℃ d) 40.0 ℃ e) 37.0 ℃ f) 32.8 ℃ 15) The device used in taking the blood pressure a) Thermometer b) Stethoscope c) Sphygmomanometer d) Clinical thermometer e) Infrared thermometer f) Any thermometer 16) Needle that has a size range 13-26. They are thicker and has wider eyes. a) Crewell b) Tapestry c) Chenille d) Sewing needle e) Pins f) Plain Needle 17) It is a kitchen tool that needs less physical effort than traditional slicing tools a) Electric fan b) Electric can opener c) Cutting board d) Food processor e) Electric knife f) Cutter 18) It is not a bedroom consideration a) Water temperature b) Intercom communication system c) Overbed table for eating d) Light in the bedroom hallway e) Bed f) Aircon and Electric fan 19) It is NOT an important of texture in designing a) It can create feelings b) It can help visually balance in a design c) Create contrast within the design d) Create visual interest e) Determines the focal point in a composition f) Create visual impact 20) Embroidery tool that is used for easier slipping of the thread into the needle. a) Pincushion b) Stilleto c) Thimbles d) Needle threader e) Tape measure f) Pins 21) It used for the transferring of the design in embroidery a) Flour b) Watercolor c) Tracing paper d) Fabrics e) Pounce f) Powder 22) Part of the body that are capable of measuring the body temperature a) Arm b) Eyes c) Foot d) Armpit e) Tongue f) Legs 23) Embroidery tool that is used to prevent the finger from pierced. a) Scissors b) Thimbles c) Needle threader d) Pincushion e) Needles f) Fabrics 24) First thing that we should do before starting the work a) Measure an elbow-length thread b) Clip or tie hair c) Wash our hands d) Assemble the things needed e) Keep the excess fabrics f) Wash all the things to be use 25) Which is TRUE about materials? a) Things that are consumable b) Articles needed to make or to do something c) Scissors is an example of materials d) An implement that can be held in one one e) The needle is an example of materials f) Things that are not consumable

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