What country is ______________________ (good) to live in? Why? - the best, What is ______________________ (scary) movie you have seen? - the scariest, Is it ______________________ (good) to be smart and ugly or unintelligent and good-looking? - better, What is ______________________ (hot) place you have ever been to? - the hottest, What is ______________________ (bad) present you have ever gotten? - the worst, What is ______________________ (dangerous) job? - the most dangerous, Which is ______________________ (bad): falling in love with someone and then having your heart broken, or never having met that person? - worse, Who is ______________________ (interesting) person you know? - the most interesting, Which is ______________________ (bad) for your health: alcohol or marijuana? - worse, What is ______________________ (embarrassing) thing you have done recently? - the most embarrassing, Is it better to date someone who is _________________ (old) or __________________ (young) you? - older or younger, What was ______________________ (important) invention in history? - the most important, What is ______________________ (disgusting) dish you have ever eaten? - the most disgusting, Which is ______________________ (bad): having your tongue cut off, or having a leg cut off? - worse, What part of learning English is the ______________________ (difficult) for you? - the most difficult,

EC I1 3A Comparative/superlative Questions




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