1) ...she drivig a car? a) Is b) Are c) Am d) Yes 2) Yes, ... a) is. b) she is. c) she are d) she. 3) What ... doing now? a) are you b) you are c) you d) are 4) What... ? Is it milk? a) are you eating b) you are drinking c) are you drinking d) you are eating 5) Look, Mum! We ... our faces. a) watching b) are playing c) painting d) are painting 6) How many ... are playing there? a) girl b) childrens c) ten boys d) children 7) The boys ... ! They are playing basketball. a) are swimming b) aren't swimming c) is painting a picture d) isn't painting a pictures 8) Look! I am jumping! Can you ... like me? a) run b) jumping c) are jumping d) jump 9) ... Maya and Dan swimming? a) Are they b) Are c) Is she d) Is 10) What ... painting now? a) is she b) she is c) she d) is

Spotlight 3 Present Continuous QUIZ




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