1) Fairy tales...by my granny have always been interesting. a) telling b) told 2) The child .... an ice-cream seems to be enjoying his treat. a) eating b) eaten 3) The notebook ..... in the attic belonged to my great- granddad. a) finding b) found 4) All the clerks ... in the office were late for their meeting. a) working b) worked 5) The castle ... by the enemy will be restored. a) ruining b) ruined 6) The water .... in the pot now is really very hot, dear. Be careful. a) boiling b) boiled 7) The exhibition .... by the Chinese delegation was devoted to oriental art. a) visiting b) visited 8) The chef ... the sauce thinks it is so salty. a) tasting b) tasted 9) The newspaper.... by some customer lay on the upper shelf. a) forgetting b) forgotten 10) The children ... football were enjoying the game. a) playing b) played




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