1) I don't like __________ up early in the morning. a) getting b) to get c) getting/to get 2) She finished __________ the article yesterday. a) writing b) to write c) writing/to write 3) She really hates __________ her room. a) tidying b) to tidy c) tidying/to tidy 4) The boys decided ________ to the cinema. a) going b) to go c) going/to go 5) My father wants _________ Rome next summer. a) visiting b) to visit c) visiting/to visit 6) I can't imagine ______________in another city. a) living b) to live c) living/to live 7) My brother prefers _______________ TV. a) watching b) to watch c) watching/to watch 8) Children need ________ to school. a) going b) to go c) going/to go 9) I hope _________ until the end of the party. a) staying b) to stay c) staying/to stay 10) I love _________ books. a) reading b) to read c) reading/to read





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