1) Last night, I ________ (to dream) that I won the lottery. a) dreamed b) dream c) dreaming 2) Look! That girl ________ (to dance) barefoot on the street. a) dance b) danced c) is dancing 3) On Mondays, I always ______ (to wake up) at 6:30 because I have to get ready for work. a) wake up b) wakes up c) waking up 4) Sorry, I ________ (to forget) to buy milk on the way home. I'll go tomorrow. a) forget b) forgetting c) forgot 5) I'm sorry, but I can't go to your birthday right now. I _______ (to give) my baby a bath. a) am giving b) giving c) gave 6) Did you ______ (to sleep) on the way here? It was an eleven hour long flight! a) slept b) sleeping c) sleep 7) I ___________ (to listen) to her new album last night and I loved it a) listen b) listening c) listened 8) What do you _________ (to think) about my sweater? Do you like it? a) thinking b) thinks c) think 9) I ________ (to bake) a cake right now. Do you want to come over and have tea together? a) am baking b) bake c) bakes 10) Do you ________ (to have) a boyfriend? Or was that your friend? a) has b) having c) have

Tenses (Simple Present, Present Continuous and Simple Past)




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