1) Choose the clothes they wear in the photo: a) brown shirt-denim skirt-polka dot T-shirt-white pants b) green jacket-leather skirt-stripy shirt-brown T-shirt c) leather skirt- white pants-stripy T-shirt-green jacket d) green jacket-black shirt-stripy skirt-white pants 2) ''Their favourite colour was black. They wore tight trousers with holes and baggy T-shirts with offensive words. They had dyed hair pink or gren or blue. They used to wear dog collars as necklaces and safety-pins as earrings''. Which group is defined in the paragraph? a) Teddy boys and girls b) The hippies c) New romantics d) Punks 3) Choose the correct adjectives with the correct prepositions: a) excited about-fascinated in-proud of b) keen on-happy with-disappointed by c) interested of-excited about-proud on d) afraid of-fascinated by-interested on 4) By the time Alan and Jane had got to the restaurant, everyone _________________(begin) eating. a) had begun b) have begun c) began d) was beginning 5) Which of the following options symbolize the Britain of the past? a) The Beatles-The Mini-The Red Telephone Box-The Black Cab b) Mini-London Eye-The Red Telephone Box-The Black Cab c) Sherlock Holmes-Queen-The Black Cab-The Mini d) Shakespeare-London Eye-The Red Telephone Box-The Red Taxi 6) Which of the following matching is incorrect? a) determined -> having a strong desire to do somethinging b) strict -> someone who has definite rules c) easy going -> not easily upset, annoyed, or worried d) impatient -> able to wait calmly for a long time or to accept difficulties 7) I'm looking forward to your visit. It's been a long time since we last saw _______________. a) us b) each other c) ourselves d) ours 8) Which of the following matching is correct? a) give up -> start doing something b) look up to -> insult someone c) pass on -> create something new d) count on -> trust on someone 9) Why does the bride give the groom rice in an Indian wedding? a) as a sign of wealth b) as a sign of friendship between the groom and the bride c) to show their respect each other d) as a sign of her love 10) In order to start a ______________ job , I have to submit my ___________ form to the company I'll work for until Monday. ___________ degree is necessary for this position. a) university- application- training b) part time -application- university c) university-work-entrance d) part time-entrance-career 11) Your shoes laces are undone. You ________________ and break your neck! a) are going to fall over b) will fall over c) are falling over d) fall over 12) If all the people ______________, we can solve the problems like hunger together. a) start a business b) support the community c) win awards d) make a fortune 13) ''When you arrive, I’ll be working in the garage''. What is the meaning of the sentence below? a) I will start working after you arrive. b) I will finish my work in the garage before you arrive. c) I will start working in the garage before you arrive. d) I will finish my work in the garage when you arrive. 14) First, ________ oil, vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper, pour it over the vegetables. Second, __________ crushed feta cheese on top. Then, _______ tomatoes in halves, __________ the cucumber in cubes and slice the onion and place them in a bowl. GREEK SALAD is ready to serve.. a) Mix - Add - Cut - Chop b) Stir - Put - Slice - Chop c) Mix - Add - Fry - Slice d) Mix - Add - Grate - Roast 15) ____________ you drive more carefully, you will have an accident. a) when b) if c) unless d) before 16) Choose the option with all the correct answers. a) Bitter: chocolate, coffee, cheese b) Salty: french fries, cake, lentil soup c) Sweet: honey, raisins, broccoli d) Crunchy: chips, biscuits, cracker 17) Choose the wrong answer. a) A tap gives us clean water. b) Without a light bulb, we can't work or study in the evening. c) A heater helps us get warm in winter. d) A remote control works with electricity. 18) Choose the correct option. a) Gravity was discovered under an apple tree by Newton. b) Gravity discovered under an apple tree by Newton. c) Gravity was discovered under an maple tree by Newton. d) Gravity is discovered under an apple tree by Newton. 19) The department _________the fire started in is being rebuilt now. a) where b) which c) who d) whose 20) Which of the following information is wrong? a) You should dress up in special clothes to go to a conventional prom night. b) The cost of the prom party to the school can be enormous. c) Morp parties often finish early. d) In the USA, there are anti-proms called "MORPs".




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