1) Which is the verb to be? a) Do you...? b) Can you...? c) Are you...? d) Have you...? 2) I like to watch movies. a) Wh question b) SU VA CO c) Engvid d) Present continuous 3) Have you got...? a) Do you have...? b) Did you have...? c) Will you have...? d) Would you have...? 4) Which is NOT an example of past tense? a) was/were b) worked c) bought d) studying 5) Which is an example of Irregular verb? a) Want b) Study c) Call d) Sell 6) Which is NOT an example of a future idea? a) will b) going to c) have seen d) work / working 7) Which is a modal of capability?  a) Can b) May c) Must d) Should 8) Which is a modal of obligation?  a) Can b) May c) Must d) Should 9) Which is a modal of permission?  a) Can b) May c) Must d) Should 10) Which is the idea of SHOULD? a) Recommendation b) Suggestion c) Advice d) ability 11) This car is __________ . a) me b) my c) mine d) myself 12) He sees ____________ in the mirror. a) he b) his c) him d) himself 13) Beatrix Kiddo is _________ name. a) she b) her c) his d) hers 14) I have ____ intelligent dog, his name is Bóris. a) a b) an c) the d) x 15) Which is NOT an uncountable noun? a) men b) milk c) money d) rice 16) Tem um gato no telhado. a) Have... b) Have got... c) There is... d) There are... 17) DE QUEM é a culpa? a) Who b) Who's c) Whose d) Which 18) He talked quickly about that subject. a) How b) How much c) How old d) How often 19) He never missed a shot. a) How b) When c) Why d) How often 20) Jim Carrey is funnier than Adam Sandler. a) Conjunction b) Preposition c) Adjective d) Adverb 21) I work ____ Brazil _____ Paulista Avenue. a) on / at b) in / at c) on / in d) in / on 22) Give it ____ me. a) to b) for c) from d) on e) about f) of 23) My Birthday is on December _____  a) 8 (eight) b) 8th (eighth) 24) Which is more common to say? a) Two thousand and twenty one. b) Twenty twenty one. c) Twenty hundred twenty one. 25) I'm from ..... hence, I'm ..... a) Brazil / brazilian b) Brazil / Brazilian c) Brazilian / Brazil d) Brazil / Portuguese 26) Is a part of the house. a) Owl b) Plum c) Dutch d) Porch e) Square 27) Which is the correct adjective order? a) OSASCOM b) BAURU c) SUZANO d) TAQUARITINGA 28) São vícios de linguagem do inglês. a) You know b) I mean c) Like 29) He is short, fat and bald. a) b) c) 30) Party of five? a) Airport b) Gym c) Restaurant d) Party e) Job Interview f) Shopping 31) Harvest, Pilgrims, Feast, wheat, etc... a) Halloween b) Thanksgiving c) Independence Day  d) Christmas e) Saint Patrick 32) Which I've recommended to study Grammar? a) Youglish b) Lyrics Training c) Engvid d) Carina Fragoso e) test-english f) Cambridge dictionary

Review de todas as gramáticas do nivel A1.




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