1) . . . the poor weather conditions, the pilote managed to land the aircraft a) despite b) because c) from 2) It was sunny outside, . . . we went out to play. a) but b) unless c) so 3) Kids, you can go out to play . . . you finish your work. a) and b) but c) if 4) The witness told the truth, . . . he was under threat a) although b) despite c) if 5) Unvaxinated people today cannot travel . . . they have a super greenpass a) unless b) if c) or 6) I can't decide if I would like an apple... a pear. a) and b) so c) or 7) Cian fell over . . . he was not hurt. a) but b) because c) and 8) Food at the dinner party was very cheap, . . . we had a great time! a) so b) despite c) yet 9) I left the party...it was boring. a) if b) as c) so 10) I could not speak English fluently ... met Sonia. a) but b) until c) because 11) I have to wait ... he arrives. a) until b) when c) if 12) I've had this car...10 years. a) for b) since c) then 13) I'll be here... two o' clock. a) to b) until c) of 14) Sonia has lived in Piombino... September 2019. a) for b) since c) from d) Banks 15) Supermarkets are open ... 8 pm . a) till b) from c) to 16) My cat won't eat . . . I feed him fish a) unless b) or c) because




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