1) A turtle will teach us about space. 2) The boys will play catch. 3) My cat will read me a story. 4) An alligator will fly a plane. 5) Mom will rake the leaves. 6) My dog will write me a letter. 7)  It will rain in spring. 8) The kids will jump rope. 9) We will read today. 10) A bee will fly into a hive.   11) We will check out books from the library. 12) A pig will play in the mud. 13) The girl and boy will play basketball. 14) A superhero will fly into our classroom. 15) You will have pizza for dinner. 16) We will learn about math today. 17) Q A penguin will drive to school. 18) A snowman will go skiing. 19) A chick will hatch out of an egg. 20) Your teacher will turn into an alien.

Possible or Impossible for Kindergarten




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