1) Sum means: a) add b) subtract c) multiply d) divide 2) Simplify means to: a) Solve b) Combine like terms c) Evaluate an equation d) S 3) Evaluate means to: a) Plug in numbers for a given variable b) Combine like terms c) Multiply, then add 4) Mean refers to: a) Middle number b) Biggest number minus the smallest number c) Average 5) Mode refers to: a) The number repeated most b) Average c) Middle number 6) Symbol for "Less than" a) > b) < 7) Median referes to: a) The middle number (once the numbers are put in order from least to greatest) b) Average c) Biggest number minus the smallest number 8) Difference means: a) Add b) Multiply c) Subtract d) Divide 9) Quotient means: a) Divide b) Subtract c) Add d) Multiply 10) X- intercept can be described as: a) where the x and y axis cross b) a vertical line c) a horizontal line





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