1) He _______ a lot of water. a) drink b) drinks 2) She _______ to school by bus. a) go b) goes 3) I _______ computer games. a) play b) plays 4) We _______ junk food. a) eat b) eats 5) He _______ comic books. a) read b) reads 6) You _______ a lot of movies. a) watch b) watches 7) They _______ football every Saturday. a) play b) plays 8) She _______ English everyday. a) study b) studies 9) I _______ a lot of books. a) have b) has 10) He _______ his homerwork on time. a) do b) does 11) She _______ her lessons at 1.00 pm. a) finish b) finishes 12) We _______ in the countryside. a) live b) lives 13) My cat _______ fish. a) eat b) eats 14) My monkey _______ to be at home. a) like b) likes 15) You _______ in a hospital. a) work b) works 16) I _______ a dictionary in English lessons. a) use b) uses 17) Gerardo _______ a lot of exercise. a) do b) does 18) Antonella _______ a lot of coffee. a) drink b) drinks 19) We _______ a lot of sushi. a) eat b) eats 20) They _______ to the park on weekends. a) go b) goes 21) I _______ books in the bus. a) read b) reads 22) She _______ music at school. a) teach b) teaches

Simple Present: Elige la forma que corresponde a cada verbo de acuerdo al sujeto.




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