I am good at taking photos., I feel a bit dizzy and I think I will lie down., I never go to school on foot., They are going to travel by plane., I have never played a computer game., Mike's mum is the best cook I know., I prefer speaking to writing., He has got wavy hair and a tattoo on his shoulder., I don't remember my password., Can we meet on Friday after school?, I will lend you my laptop if you help me with cooking., I had long hair when I was little., Vacuum the kitchen floor and empty the washing machine, please., She's hopeless at Maths., She had a slice of toast with butter and some orange juice., I've always loved knitting., Once I was on holiday in Germany and I met an amazing girl., I am allergic to fur so I can't have a dog., I bought a tiny keychain for my sister., Both winter and summer camps are popular..

Pisanie według wzoru- part1




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