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1) What is worship? a) Expressing the value of God for the believer b) Taking time to watch a game c) Relaxing d) Contemplating life 2) Do Buddhists worship the Buddha as a God? a) Yes, the Buddha is a divine figure in Buddhism b) No, the Buddha is respected as a great figure in Buddhist history c) Yes, because Buddhists believe he created the world 3) What is Buddhist worship called? a) Stupa b) Nirvana c) Puja d) Sacrament 4) What is a Vihara? a) A shrine b) A statue of the Buddha c) A Buddhist temple d) A flower 5) What is a stupa? a) The living quarters for monks b) The shrine built to house the relics of the Buddha and other important Buddhist teachings c) The lotus pond d) The palace 6) What is the most important part of the vihara? a) The shrine room b) The kitchen c) The sleeping quarters 7) What is often recited at the start of puja? a) The Four Noble Truths b) The Eightfold Path c) The Three Refuges 8) Flowers are often found in Buddhist shrines. What do they symbolise? a) Impermanence b) The beauty of the earth c) The enlightenment of the Buddha 9) What do Buddhists use to help them count mantras? a) Prayer flags b) Malas c) Prayer wheels d) The Tibetan Wheel of Life 10) Why do Buddhists practice meditation? a) To understand how it feels b) To help them read other people's minds c) To have a good night's sleep d) To help them develop insight and wisdom into the true nature of things

Plenary quiz - can book ipads or do it as a class using planners


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