Gilded Age - 1877-1901, Homestead Act - 160 Acres to those who settled in areas such as Oklahoma, Boss Tweed - political machine boss , Populist Party - platform included free silver, direct election of senators and regulation of the railroads, The Gospel of Wealth - people who have wealth should give a portion of their money to charities, Muckrakers - investigative journalists, Jacob Riis - How the Other Half Lives, Yellow Journalism - cheap newspapers which reported on the sensational stories of the day, Initiative - to propose a law, Recall - to vote on an existing state or city official to see if he/she will continue in their government role, 16th Amendment - income tax, 17th Amendment - direct election of senators, 18th Amendment - Prohibition of the sale and distribution of liquor, beer or wine, 19th Amendment - women's suffrage, Thomas Nast - political cartoonist who exposed the corrupt dealings of Boss Tweed,

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