1) Tom ______ late for school a) are usually b) isn´t usually c) usually are d) is usually not 2) I ______ to school in the morning a) always goes b) go always c) always go d) goes always 3) Mark doesn´t like chocolate. He _____ it. a) eats b) never eats c) usually eats d) eat 4) Molly ______ hockey on Saturday. a) plays often b) often play c) often plays d) play often 5) How _____ do you visit your family? a) usually b) often c) always d) sometimes 6) They _____ their bed. a) hardly ever make b) ever make c) make hardly ever d) makes hardly 7) My cousins ______ French together a) studies sometimes b) study never c) sometimes study d) usually studies 8) My dad _______ at night a) is tired usually b) tired is usually c) usually tired is d) is usually tired 9) I _______ at night. a) never watches TV b) watches TV always at night c) always watch TV d) never TV 10) She __________ stay up late a) don´t usually b) usually don´t c) usually d) doesn´t usually 11) Do you _______ your grandparents? a) visit always b) always visit c) always d) always visits 12) We __________ to the gym a) Hardly ever go b) ever go c) hardly go ever d) go hardly




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