Fordney-McCumber Act - raised tariffs in an effort to protect American industry from foreign competition, Americans with Disabilities Act - Passed by Congress in 1991, this act banned discrimination against the disabled in employment and mandated easy access to all public and commercial buildings, Chinese Exclusion Act - 1882 law that prohibited the immigration of Chinese people, Fugitive Slave Act - A law that made it a crime to help runaway slaves; allowed for the arrest of escaped slaves in Free States and required their return to slaveholders, Homestead Act - 1862 law that gave 160 acres of land out west to citizens willing to live on and cultivate it for five years, Dawes Act - An act that removed Indian land from tribal possession, redivided it, and distributed it among individual Native families, Interstate Commerce Act - 1887 law passed to regulate railroad and other interstate businesses, Espionage Act - 1917 law that set heavy fins and long prison sentences for antiwar activities, Kansas-Nebraska Act - gave the people in those territories the right to vote to be a free state or slave state through popular sovereignty, Civil Rights Act of 1964 - 1964; banned discrimination in public accommodations, federally assisted programs, and outlawed discrimination in most employment, Lend Lease Act - the laws passed by the U.S. allowing us to give aid to our Allies in early World War 2, Sedition Act - made it a crime to criticize the government or government officials during times of war, Meat Inspection Act - rules for sanitary meat packing and government inspection of meat products crossing state lines, Selective Service Act - law passed that required all men from ages 21to 30 to register for the military draft, Neutrality Acts - laws designed to keep the United States out of international conflicts, Sherman Antitrust Act - an 1890 law that banned the formation of trusts and monopolies in the United States, Patriot Act - passed by Congress after the terrorist attacks of September 11th; it greatly expanded the power of federal law enforcement authorities to move against suspected terrorists, Volstead Act - Bill passed by Congress to enforce the 18th Amendment. This bill made the manufacture and distribution of alcohol illegal within the borders of the United States, Pure Food and Drug Act - 1906- forbade (banned) the manufacture or sale of mislabeled or adulterated/contaminated food or drugs. Still in existence as the FDA, Voting Rights Act of 1965 - a law designed to help end barriers (poll taxes and literacy tests) to African-American suffrage,




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