1) I ______________ to London tomorrow afternoon. a) am flying b) am going to fly c) are flying d) are going to fly 2) I _____________ you with your homework tonight. Don't worry! a) will help b) am going to help c) are helping d) am going to helping 3) I ___________________ "Dark" with my friends tomorrow at 7 p.m. a) are watching b) am going to watch c) am watching d) are going to watch e) will watch 4) ____ you _______ to the club today? We can meet there. a) am not going to go b) am going c) am no going  d) are you going  5) I ________________ computer games after school. Do you want to come?  a) be playing b) are going to play c) are going to go  d) am going to play 6) My friend and I __________________ dinner on Tuesday. a) be haveing b) am having c) are going to have d) are having 7) We use ______________ for future arrangements. a) Present Continuous b) Be going to c) Present Simple d) Will 8) Ricky and Paul _____________ the hotel.  We went last month and we loved it! a) are enjoying b) will enjoy c) are going to enjoy d) is enjoying 




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