1) He tried to _______ his mother.  a) content b) stand out c) impress d) count e) lack f) expand 2) When I have a lot of _______, my back usually hurts. a) panic b) confident c) devote d) overweight e) pressure f) passive 3) He may be _______ in the robbery. a) involved b) regret c) in good shape d) impress e) no wonder f) flat 4) Hurry up, _________ you will miss the class. a) interfere b) no wonder c) focus on d) otherwise e) attempt f) take over 5) He has ________ his life to protecting endangered species. a) flat b) content c) expand d) regain e) involved f) devoted 6) Which one is the phrase? a) Content b) No wonder c) Overwight d) Apparently e) Pressure f) Otherwise 7) Synonym of flat. a) Recover b) Firmness c) Big d) Planed e) Large f) Expand 8) Antonym of overweight. a) Skinny b) Fat c) Chubby d) Obese e) Flat f) Otherwise 9) Antonym of passive. a) Lead to b) Lazy c) Devote d) Inactive e) Patient f) Active  10) Antonym of impress. a) Dissapoint b) Affect c) Inspire d) Bring e) Happy f) Incorporate




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