1) How many people are in the world? a) 7 million b) 7 billion c) 7 hundred  d) 7 thousand 2) When is the Chinese New Year? a) Between 21 January and 20 February  b) Between 21 January and 20 March c) Between 31 January and 1 February d) Between 21 February and 20 March 3) Chinese New Year marks... a) The beginning of winter and end of spring b) he end of spring and beginning of summer c) The end of winter and beginning of spring 4) The party lasts for... a) 1 month b) 15 days c) 25 days d) A year 5) Typical celebrations are... a) Dragons dances, fireworks, red colour, visit family b) Dragon dances, eating sushi, red colour, visit family c) Dragon dances, yellow colour, visit family, fireworks d) People dances, fireworks, visit family, red colour 6) 1 mile is equal to...  a) 1.5 kilometres b) 16 kilometres c) 3 kilometres d) 1.6 kilometres  7) 1 foot is equal to... a) 20 centimetres b) 30 centimetres c) 1 metre 8) People send 7 billion text messages every... a) day b) 30 hours c) 65 hours d) 3 hours




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