1) Which of the following would be classified as a vertebrate? a) b) c) d) 2) Which of these would best describe the tube worms shown? a) Mammals b) Vertebrates c) Invertebrates d) Amphibians 3) A frog and a cow are alike in which way? Both- a) are covered with hair or fur b) have a backbone c) feed milk to their young d) spend part of their lives in water 4) Which of these animals has a different body support system than the others? a) b) c) d) 5) A starfish is an example of an invertebrate because it- a) has a backbone b) is able to move c) does not have a backbone d) is not able to move 6) How is a fish different from a jellyfish? a) A jellyfish has a backbone b) A fish lives in water c) A fish is in the animal kingdom d) A fish has a backbone 7) The beetle would be classified as - a) an invertebrate because it does not have a backbone b) an vertebrate because it has a backbone c) an invertebrate because it has a backbone d) a vertebrate because it does not have a backbone

Vertebrates and Invertebrates




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