A winter of discontent ____ ahead of the midterm elections. Public transport will be limited to ____ workers (78 job descriptions allowed) and a night ____ was announced (midnight to 6am). Shops will open at 10am. Social meetings at home will be ____ But you need only to ____ the body language of the president’s televised announcement to realise that the situation is turning ____. Fernández himself is ____ in a guesthouse at the Olivos presidential residential compound ____ from Covid-19. The president went ____ with the virus late last week, even after receiving the Russian-made Sputnik V ____ recently. Fernández, who ____ 62 on April 2 and ____ from chronic lung problems, ____ his speech from an outdoor square in the presidential compound. As he spoke, Fernández ____ over his words at times slightly and looked sapped of all energy, despite only dealing with ____ symptoms. The government hopes the ____ will ____ time to continue its campaign to ____ the ____ in a ____ to take the stress off the ____ with the number of cases ____. Technically, the mayor has no option but to accept the ____ because a presidential ____ will be issued. Rodríguez Larreta said the spirit of the curfew is to ____ on night-time ____ and not people going home from work. He also urged people with symptoms to ____ Covid-19 tests. Peronist coalition, warned about a ____ in cases and insisted urgent measures were needed to stop ____ from filling up. Rodríguez Larreta, a potential presidential candidate in 2023, has ____ moderation during the pandemic. The mayor on Thursday clearly underlined that he did not agree with the night-time ____ and ____ show the public is more worried about the ____ situation during ____ than the virus itself.




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