1) Sometimes I ... tennis. a) play b) do c) go 2) I always ... running in the morning. a) play b) go c) do 3) He usually ... swimming in the swimming pool. a) goes b) plays c) does 4) They ... exercise every weekends. a) play b) do c) go 5) Sometimes, we ... volleyball.  a) go b) play c) do 6) She doesn't ... gymnastics. a) do b) play c) go 7) I don't ... skiing in winter. a) go b) do c) play 8) My mother... Yoga in her free time. a) does b) goes c) plays 9) My cousin ... taekwondo three times a week. a) plays b) does c) goes 10) I ... cycling at weekends. a) go b) do c) play

Sports verbs: Play, Do and Go




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