1) What ........ your name? a) am b) is c) are d) have 2) What ........ the time? a) is b) are c) have d) am 3) Where ....... the toilets? a) have b) is c) am d) are 4) ..... you happy? a) am b) do c) is d) have e) Are 5) .... he cold? a) am b) Is c) have d) are e) do 6) How old .... you? a) is b) have c) are d) am e) do 7) ..... I late? a) Do b) Is c) Have d) Am e) Are 8) Your earrings ...... nice? a) have b) is c) are d) do e) am 9) ..... you tired? a) Do b) Have c) Is d) Are e) Am 10) ..... it raining? a) Is b) Am c) Have d) Do e) Are




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