1) a natural opening in the surface of the Earth where molten rocks, hot gases, smoke, and ash are ejected a) earthquake b) volcano c) thunderstorm 2) it should had atleast one record of eruption within 10,000 years a) Volcano b) Active Volcano c) Inactive Volcano 3) This are examples of volcano except one a) Pinatubo b) hibok-hibok c) chocolate hills 4) this shape of volcano is symmetrical, up to 1,200 ft high a) cinder volcano b) shield volcano c) composite volcano 5) this shape of volcano is tall and broad a) shield volcano b) composite volcano c) caldera 6) It is the process of materials that resists to flow a) magma b) lava c) viscosity 7) All are factors that affect Viscosity except one: a) liquid flowing b) magma's temperature c) silica content 8) A type of Eruption that results from interaction of new magma with water and can be very explosive a) Phreatic b) Phreatomagmatic c) Strombolian 9) A type of eruption that are small to moderate explosive eruptions, lasting seconds to minutes a) Vulcanian b) Hawaiian c) Strombolian 10) A type of eruption that are formed by viscous magma being erupted effusively onto the surface and then piling up around the vent a) Vulcanian b) Lava Dome c) Phreatic




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