1) I think Chungha is better than IU a) I agree b) I disagree 2) I think we should go on a trip. a) I agree b) I disagree. 3) Which is NOT similar to "Which do you prefer, A or B?" a) Is A or B better? b) Do you like A or B more? c) I don't like either option. d) Do you prefer A or B? 4) Which do you prefer, One Piece of Attack on Titan? a) I prefer One Pice b) I prefer Attack on Titan. 5) Which do you prefer, fall or spring? a) I prefer fall b) I prefer spring. 6) Which do you prefer, Pocari or Gatorade? a) I prefer Pocari b) I prefer Gatorade 7) I prefer hanbok. It seems like... a) they're easier to wear b) they're prettier 8) I prefer sweats. It seems to me that... a) you can wear them in more places b) they're more comfortable 9) I think Taylor Swift is _______ than Ariana Grande. a) better b) worse 10) I prefer the show. It seems to me that a) the costumes are better b) it's much shorter 11) I think PCs are ______ than Macs. a) better b) worse 12) Finish the sentence: I'm ___________ that we're going to high school next year. a) happy b) angry c) sad d) worried 13) Test your luck: I think the iphones is __________ than galaxies. a) happier b) better c) worse d) forgetting 14) Choose the right question for this answer: I'm worried about homework. a) What's up? b) Where are you? c) What's that? d) What time is it? 15) Finish the sentence: I'm worried that a) I have no time b) the clock is broken c) I will wake up late d) school will never end 16) Test your Luck: I think pizza is... a) the best b) the worst c) delicious d) nasty 17) I prefer _______ over My Hero Academia a) Demon Slayer b) Naruto c) One Piece d) Detective conan 18) Finish the sentence: I prefer apples. It seems to me that... a) they're bitter b) they're tastier c) they're good for sports d) they're softer. e) ; 19) Sentence unjumble: do prefer Which ? you . or A B a) Which do you prefer. A or B? b) Do you prefer A or B? Which. c) Which A or B do you Prefer? d) Do you prefer which? A or B. 20) Answer in a complete sentence: Which do you prefer, fried chicken or baked chicken? a) I prefer fried chicken. b) Prefer fried chicken. c) Prefer baked Chicken. d) I prefer baked chicken. 21) Sentence Unscramble: IU I Swift better think is Taylor than. a) I think Taylor Swift is better than IU. b) I think IU better is than Taylor Swift. c) I think IU Taylor is better than Swift. d) I think IU is better than Taylor Swift. 22) I think daisies and sunflowers are the same thing a) I agree b) I disagree

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