1) There’s something about him that I just don’t like. Every time he looks at me it makes my ____ crawl.  a) blood b) skin 2) It’s no good just asking students to ______ facts, they need to analyse and evaluate. a) question b) regurgitate 3) I wouldn’t say that I’m an overly suspicious individual, but I’d steer_____of him if I were you. He’s completely untrustworthy. a) clear b) away 4) Since the divorce, life has been particularly hard on him – it looks like everything is coming _____ at the seams. a) apart b) around 5) We may not have all the solutions, but we’re constantly ______ for excellence here at LogoTek Software. a) striving b) nurturing 6) If you’re not sure of the answer there’s no point worrying – I’d suggest that you just make an _____ guess. a) educational b) educated




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