Speak about a band you used to listen to (and don't anymore). , Speak about your favorite band at the moment., Would you like to become a musician? Why / Why not?, Have you ever performed on stage? Would you like to?, Singer - drummer - guitarist - bass player: who is the best?, What are you going to do after this event?, Talk about your favorite music genre for 30 sec., Talk about your best live show experience., Which band would you really like to see live? Why?, Which musician would you like to meet? Why?, What are your three favorite songs? Why?, Do you play any instruments? If not, would you like to?, Do you have any band merchandise? What is it?, Have you been to any open air festivals? Would you like to go?, Recorded live shows: yes or no? Are they as good as real live shows?, What is the first band you'd like to see live as soon as it is possible?, What is the next album you'd like to buy? Why?, Is there any festival / show you are looking forward to? Why?, Would you travel to another country for a concert? Why / Why not?, Have you travelled to another country for a concert? Why / Why not?.

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